Director Desk

It gives me immense pleasure that a new issue of View is in your hands. A famous educationist John Dewey said that we must learn to appreciate our children in their little things. Teachers are special people who bring joy to the hearts of the children .So we must view our young people not as empty bottle to be filled but as a candle to be it. We cannot hope to build a better world for an improvement and the same time share a general responsibility. We think that we succeed inculcating these morals in the students of this institution. The school magazine is a link between the school and parent to keep them informed of various activities organized in the school. I extend my heartiest congratulation and best wishes to the Principal and Students of the school.

Mr. Parvez Iqbal
M.Sc. B.Ed.(ex- 25 years)

Principal Desk

Education means discovering and sublimating their hidden talents. Education demands making them think positively & behave responsibly. Education aims at producing not only good students but also “able adults” so that they may successfully shoulder the responsibility of family, society and the country in future. Education is for producing notable personalities in various fields like sports, music, painting, literature and politics.

Mrs. Shabana Hameed
M.A. B.Ed. ex-20 years